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Your bag is crafted with high quality vegetable tanned leather, which means that it is natural and chemical free. Special care for your bag will make it last longer and age beautifully.

Keep your bag away from high exposure of heat/sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The leather can dry out and crack. You can moisturise your bag with any organic leather lotion every six months. It will prevent losing the moisture of the leather and protect it from drying out. 

Try to avoid heavy rain. If your bag gets wet, just wrap it on a towel and leave it drying on its own. Please do not try to dry it with hair dryer or leaving it on a heater. This may cause drying out or uneven changes over the skin.

Especially, with the nude series bags, exposure to water may leave marks over the skin. It will slowly fade away and eventually become slight and natural part of its patina. 

Store it in its own cotton bag when it is not used.

Please always remember, your bag is made by a natural material. If you treat it well, it will show its beauty and character more and more everyday.