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The Black Sheep Army is a label born on a day dreaming moment somewhere between Berlin and Istanbul. Founded by Damla Baykaldi in 2016 based in Berlin. 

We design high-end goods with premium vegetable tanned leather. Each product is truly individual as it is handcrafted by an artisan using the traditional techniques. 




"Our goods do not travel between unknown workshops until they reach you. They directly come out of our hands."

Today everything we surround ourselves is offered by an industrial product chain. Fast and convenient. But goods are not necessarily getting better just because we can get them faster and cheaper. We do not question how things are made anymore.

 We design in Berlin, manufacture in Istanbul and closely work together with experienced craftsman. Each product is handcrafted by an artisan to ensure the highest quality and durability. Goods are sewn by traditional hand saddle stitch. Edge finishing which includes the process of polishing, smoothing and painting are meticulously done by hand.

The Black Sheep Army is not part of exploitative mass production system. We respect labor power and appreciate endeavour and hard work.




"Our goods are crafted with high quality vegetable tanned leather which promises lifelong product experience." 

There are several methods for tanning leather, but not all of them are the right choice for the environment. Vegetable-tanning is an old artisanal tanning method which transforms raw hide into leather form. It is the true chromium-free method, and does not contain harmful chemicals. Main material of the vegetable tanning process is "the tannic acid" naturally found in branches and leaves of some plant species such as oak, chestnut and mimosa.

 Vegetable tanned leather has a great durability and strength due to its nature. If it is well cared, possibly lasts several lifetimes. The more you wear your bag, the more personal it becomes. It  develops continuously, for the better.